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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Acumen Labware has been remarkably into wholesale educational equipment supplies and educational supplies. The Working of Acumen Labware has never been focussed ob attaining pecuniary gains rather it is intensely concentric on preaching and spreading science & education through wholesale educational equipment supplies.
The wholesale educational equipment supplies made by Acumen Labware are made keeping the most pedantic and trivial details in mind & hence the penchant of making flawless wholesale educational equipment supplies is achieved, keeping no room for the slightest delinquency. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


LOW COST-BEST QUALITY Educational Equipments & Supplies By Acumen Labware are virtually the best in class. We have been attributed as the icon of wholesale educational equipment supplies. Due care needs to be taken while selecting a science educational equipment supplier as it provides the building blocks to a wards elementary education. Science educational equipments consist of different verticals such as

Physics Lab ware,
Biology lab ware: human anatomy models,
Chemistry lab ware consisting of laboratory glassware,
Microscopes & Accessories,
Laboratory Plasticware

These above mentioned School Educational Equipments have been the prime focus of Acumen Labware. We have passed many mile stones in attaining the numero-uno position as educational equipments wholesale suppliers & Exporters. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Science Educational Equipments Supplier Exporter Manufacturer India

As an Iconic Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of  Science Educational Equipments Acumen Labware has attained a distinctive status. The term Science Educational Equipments specifies to a wide range of products ranging from Chemical Laboratory, Biology lab to Physics labs. The quality of Science Educational Equipments used in a school or college commensurates to the level of education being imparted in that organisation and this is primarily the reason why Science Educational Equipments are perceived as the foundation of a students education and hence needs serious cognizance. Science Educational Equipments is such a vast topic that if we keep on discussing about it we will further dig deep into the individual subjects it caters to. 

Now while ending the topic I shall suggest you that Acumen Labware being a vibrant  Science Educational Equipments supplier shall fulfill your requirements substantially.