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Friday, September 8, 2017

Lab Oven

The main purpose behind a Hot Air Oven is the use of forced hot air circulation. These Hot Air Ovens are used in laboratories to perform effect of ageing on various physical properties of any type of materials including yarns, fabrics and paper etc; in addition, these forced air convection ovens are also used for high quality drying and baking applications in the field of laboratory, medical or biomedical and pharmaceutical and textile industries, where fast heat up and consistent temperature are prime requisite. Often known as hot air circulating ovens, these units are fitted with blower or fan inside in order to distribute hot air (warm air) in every corner of the inner chamber. Physical properties of materials are analyzed before and after ageing in order to find out their suitability for specific applications.

Our Lab Oven systems offer continuous temperature up to 250°C and feature safe operation; allowing operators to worry-free perform their tests. Standard models are available from 25 liters to 420 liters volume; however, we can design and manufacture hot air ovens meeting customer provided temperature range, sizes and capacities. There are various optional accessories that our company can add on extra cost in order to make your working more comfortable. Under economical price, our hot air ovens deliver superior quality drying facilities.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Technical Education Awareness

Technical education is not something that can be termed as a recent development in the Indian subcontinent rather there are universities more than 6-7 decades old. More than ten technical education colleges in India have found place in top 100 ranked colleges around the world. The presence of prominent public and private sector companies have ensured employment generation for technical education training course students.

This has resulted in creation of world class reputed technical universities and colleges which are attracting students from all parts of the world. This trend can’t be termed as an absolutely recent development because there are more than a dozen of century old universities in India. With recent technological developments India has become a preferred technical education destination for students from various parts of the world.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment far as we know Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment & Training Kits must have all the basic components so as to facilitate indepth understanding of the engineering subject. An ideal range of Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment & Training Kits can only be created when you imbibe the basic component understanding in each and evry kit being produced. The fast changing technology prospects have forced us to introduce new and advanced designs of Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment & Training Kits so that the trainee engineers are in sync and are more adaptive to the new age technological developments. Educators worlwide have identified that there is a constant need of exposure for new age Electrical & Electronics Engineering Trainers in the engineering sudy course.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lab Muffle Furnace

A lab muffle furnace is designed to heat the air inside its chamber and this is done by implementing the fundamentals of thermal convection and thermal radiation. This is done by exploiting heating properties of Nichrome (nickel-chromium) wires which in simple words are known as heating elements. The temperature regulation in a furnace highly dependent on the efficient working of digital electronic controller unit, although best results can only be obtained by applying PID controlled units, PID stands for proportional integral derivative controller. The lab muffle furnace generally does not have a seperate cooling system. Genrally a simple fan based exhaust system is installed and cooling is performed by this simple fan system supported by a chimney. The main use of this exhaust system is to extricate the toxic gases from the inner chamber which are during heating of the testing materiel / specimen inside the chamber. Hence the chamber gets sanitised of any toxic gases which may have evolved during the heating of materiel inside the lab muffle furnace.
Muffle furnacel