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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers

Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers 
Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers & Laboratory Plasticware Supplies these kind of statements have become a synonym of Acumen Labware. As Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers we have earned tremendous name for promising and delivering the best products and this has become possible because of our diligent team efforts of delivering better and best of what we promise. Being a Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers we have to take care of the vast range of Laboratory Plasticware  products which have been developed totally in house by us.Laboratory Plasticware offers a wide list of advantages over conventional laboratory glassware and hence it can be said that Laboratory Plasticware is fast replacing laboratory glassware products.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


DIGITAL ELECTRONICS TRAINING KITS MANUFACTURER & DIGITAL ELECTRONICS TRAINING KITS SUPPLIER i.e Acumen labware has been highly appreciated across technical institutes & colleges globally.DIGITAL ELECTRONICS TRAINING KITS are used by students to examine digital forms of signals which are used to practically analyze the nature of digital signals such as that they represent distinct values of analog signals in form of "0" (false) & "1"(true).  

Monday, December 12, 2011


As ANALOG ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS MANUFACTURERS & ANALOG ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS SUPPLIERS we have been awarded with satisfied customers world wide. ANALOG ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS are used to determine and examine various characteristics of Analog Electronics by students and research scholars. ANALOG ELECTRONICS is the branch of electronics engineering which deals in electronic systems which produce continuous and discrete signals which in turn refers to variations in input signals resulting in simultaneous rational variations in output signals. 

Friday, December 9, 2011


As an OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER LAB TRAINERS MANUFACTURERS & OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER LAB TRAINERS SUPPLIERS we have been widely accepted in the market and have received various accolades in appreciation. OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER LAB TRAINERS by Acumen Labware are used to analyse various characteristics of OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS  such as the negative feedback, gain of the op-amp and various other characteristics also which are determined by external factors.


POWER ELECTRONIC LAB EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER & POWER ELECTRONIC LAB EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER i.e Acumen Labware has always taken every caution & concern for creating impeccable Electronics lab equipment. As a POWER ELECTRONIC LAB EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER we have attained tremendous acclamation and commendations.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011


ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS MANUFACTURER and ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS SUPPLIER  i.e Acumen Labware has received various distinctions from its institutional customers spread world wide. As an ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINERS MANUFACTURER we have produced a wide range of products used to demonstrate various technical characteristics of electronic components and theories. Acumen Labware can be considered a distinguished ELECTRONICS LAB TRAINER MANUFACTURER.    

Monday, November 28, 2011


 Microwave Training Kits Manufacturer &  Microwave Training Kits Supplier i.e Acumen Labware produces Impeccable  Microwave Training Kits made by astute technicians and engineers. It is solely due to the efforts of our diligent workforce that today we are recognized  world over as proficient Microwave Training Kits Manufacturer.  Microwave Training Kits are used to analyse various properties of these microwaves whose frequencies range is from 1.0 Ghz (Gigahertz) to 30 Ghz (Gigahertz).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Digital Photo Colorimeter Manufacturers i.e Acumen Labware is globally recognized for its Digital Photo Colorimeters. The plenitude & plethora of knowledge gained through our assiduous efforts & experience is the sole reason behind the creation of a niche position for company.  Digital Photo Colorimeters by acumen labware have become an obvious part of major labs in India & abroad. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Deligently prepared Science Lab Supplies by Acumen Labware have efficaciously proved there competence in preaching science education.As a Science lab Supplies Manufacturer  in India we have always kept in mind that the best quality is to be made while in production. Science lab Supplies hence produced provide far better results even in the understanding abilities of young minds.

Science lab Supplies


Monday, August 29, 2011

Digital Melting Point Apparatus Manufacturers

As Digital Melting Point Apparatus Manufacturers Acumen Labware has earned numerous pride. Being the Digital Melting Point Apparatus Manufacturer India we have traveled a long journey. The Digital Melting Point Apparatus Manufactured in India by Acumen Labware has been highly appriciated and used in Industries, Educational Institutes & Research Organisations.The Digital Melting Point Apparatus states the temperature at which solid state of the substance changes to liquid. Apart from these basic features our  Digital Melting Point Apparatus has a host of other features. Please visit our website for further assistance or contact us. 


Saturday, August 27, 2011


High Quality Hot Air Oven Manufacturers i.e Acumen Labware has timely proved its abilities as Hot Air Oven Manufacturers. Hot air ovens are suitable for temperatures upto 250°C for various applications such as glassware sterilization in laboratories, research institutions, industries, hospitals and R&D centers. Hot air ovens come in various qualities and configurations but Acumen Labware uses the best quality products to manufacture Hot air ovens.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter Manufacturer & Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter Supplier i.e Acumen Labware has produced world class Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeters and has hence developed an iconic position in manufacturing Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeters in India.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


LOW-COST Clinical Flame Photometer ManufacturerClinical Flame Photometer Supplier & Clinical Flame Photometer Exporter i.e Acumen Labware has been a supplier of Clinical Flame Photometer since many decades and has been manufacturing world class Clinical Flame Photometers. These Equipments by Acumen Labware have been highly appreciated and accepted globally.
 Clinical Flame Photometer

                                          "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                                  ACUMEN LABWARE

Friday, August 19, 2011


Analytical Equipments Manufacturer & Analytical Equipments Suppliers , Analytical Equipments like UV Visible Spectrophotometers are produced by the diligent workforce at acumen labware. These Analytical Equipments are specially designed to be used for environmental protection & eduaction. These are higly reliable, economical and user friendly to provide ease of use while in operation. 

                                     "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                            ACUMEN LABWARE


Acumen Labware is a well established DIGITAL POLARIMETER MANUFACTURER & DIGITAL POLARIMETER SUPPLIER. We have been a rigorous Digital Polarimeter Suppliers to various industries, research institutes and universities around the globe. We can compete & produce the best equipment in the market because we our digital polarimeter manufacturers.


                                   "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                           ACUMEN LABWARE

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


DIGITAL POLARIMETER SUPPLIERS & DIGITAL POLARIMETER MANUFACTURERS in INDIA. Acumen Labware is a Supplier & Exporter of Digital Polarimeters to various research institutes and universities in India and across the globe.
Digital Polarimeters are instruments which measure the rotation of plane of polarization in certain optically active solids & liquids. In our Digital Polarimeters the degrees are read directly from the digital meter and the calibration is very simple with standard formulas.

                             "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                 DIGITAL POLARIMETERS
                                    ACUMEN LABWARE

Sunday, July 24, 2011


DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER SUPPLIERS DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA  is Acumen Labware. As a Supplier of DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER we have attained an iconic position because being also the manufacturer of DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER we have been able to keep the Lowest Prices without comprising on the Quality. DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER by Acumen Labware are used in the best laboratories around the Globe.

                                          "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                                  ACUMEN LABWARE

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A  Lot of work has been done by Acumen Labware in the feild of Educational Supplies. An overview of the wide range can be had from the under mentioned blogs:

SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT  : Giving an exact idea of the latest advancements and acievments in the feild of  School Educational Equipment.

SCIENCE LAB EQUIPMENT  : This page has an overall insight on the most recent developments and products in the field of  Science Lab Equipments.

SCHOOL LAB SUPPLIES : It showcases the most trivial needs & requirements in the school labs and hence covers each and every part of School Lab Supplies.

WATER & SOIL TESTING KITS : 5 Types of water & soil analysis kits have been described in here showing each and every testing parameter by the means of  Water & Soil Testing Kits .

PLASTIC LABWARE : Plastic labware supplies constitute of a very wider range of plastic labware consumables. Hence detailed description of every product can be had from this link Plastic Labware Supplies .

Monday, July 11, 2011


Suppliers of  Water & Soil Testing Kits in India & Manufacturers of  Water & Soil Testing Kits in India which is also globally renowned for High Quality Water & Soil Testing Kits is Acumen Labware. Water & Soil Testing Kits of five types are available with Acumen Labware depending upon the operation parameters.
The Water & Soil Testing Kits available with us are as follows:

a) 3 parameters      :  Salinity, conductivity, and temp.
b) 5 parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, and Temp.
c) 6 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO and TEMP.
d) 7 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO, TEMP & TURBIDITY.
e) 8 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO, TEMP, TURBIDITY, SALAINITY.

                                               "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                                       ACUMEN LABWARE

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Industrious LABWARE SUPPLIES have always been appriciated by Acumen Labware. LABWARE SUPPLIES & SUPPLIERS as Acumen Labware is quite acclaimed of needs well versed & savant teams for the job. Labware Supplies by Acumen Labware consist of a very splendid range which are eminent because of the scientific educational equipment rectitude it has been carrying around from the past.

             "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                    ACUMEN LABWARE

The Scientific sleight involved in the making of labware supplies is the only reason for appriciation of Acumen Labware.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


School Lab Supplies & Educational Supplies by Acumen Labware have created a niche brand recognized around the world and known for its truly remarkable products. The wast product range of School Lab Supplies & Educational Supplies  have been specifically designed to cater to every trivial need of Schools & Colleges Labs. These School Lab Supplies & Educational Supplies are many times custom built to provide the ease of use keeping certain specific needs in mind.

"LOW COST-BEST QUALITY "School Lab Supplies" :

The status achieved in School Lab Supplies & Educational Supplies  can just be attributed to the plenitude and plethora of knowledge attained through the sustained and assiduous efforts of the teams involved in the making of School Lab Supplies & Educational Supplies.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Acumen Labware has been remarkably into wholesale educational equipment supplies and educational supplies. The Working of Acumen Labware has never been focussed ob attaining pecuniary gains rather it is intensely concentric on preaching and spreading science & education through wholesale educational equipment supplies.
The wholesale educational equipment supplies made by Acumen Labware are made keeping the most pedantic and trivial details in mind & hence the penchant of making flawless wholesale educational equipment supplies is achieved, keeping no room for the slightest delinquency. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


LOW COST-BEST QUALITY Educational Equipments & Supplies By Acumen Labware are virtually the best in class. We have been attributed as the icon of wholesale educational equipment supplies. Due care needs to be taken while selecting a science educational equipment supplier as it provides the building blocks to a wards elementary education. Science educational equipments consist of different verticals such as

Physics Lab ware,
Biology lab ware: human anatomy models,
Chemistry lab ware consisting of laboratory glassware,
Microscopes & Accessories,
Laboratory Plasticware

These above mentioned School Educational Equipments have been the prime focus of Acumen Labware. We have passed many mile stones in attaining the numero-uno position as educational equipments wholesale suppliers & Exporters. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Science Educational Equipments Supplier Exporter Manufacturer India

As an Iconic Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of  Science Educational Equipments Acumen Labware has attained a distinctive status. The term Science Educational Equipments specifies to a wide range of products ranging from Chemical Laboratory, Biology lab to Physics labs. The quality of Science Educational Equipments used in a school or college commensurates to the level of education being imparted in that organisation and this is primarily the reason why Science Educational Equipments are perceived as the foundation of a students education and hence needs serious cognizance. Science Educational Equipments is such a vast topic that if we keep on discussing about it we will further dig deep into the individual subjects it caters to. 

Now while ending the topic I shall suggest you that Acumen Labware being a vibrant  Science Educational Equipments supplier shall fulfill your requirements substantially.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Human Anatomy Models, Human Anatomy Model Supplier Exporter Manufacturer

High Quality 3d Human Anatomy Models and various other Human Bones Muscle Heart anatomy Models and Human Body Pictures Charts Exporters Suppliers & Manufacturers India. An Eclectic collection 3d Human Anatomy Models, Deft Human Bones Muscle Heart anatomy Model and Assorted Human Body Pictures Charts Models by adept suppliers of 3d Human Anatomy Models Acumen Labware.
These days it is hard to find ardent Human Anatomy Models, Human Anatomy Model Supplier Exporter Manufacturer commensurate with quality such as made by Acumen Labware.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Chemistry Lab Equipment, Chemistry lab Equipments Suppliers manufacturers India

Highly acclaimed School Chemistry Lab Equipment made by an advanced degree of competence by acumen labware in producing Chemistry Lab Equipment as Exporters, Suppliers India & Manufacturers in India. Exemplary Lab glass Equipment Models and a clear explanation in Pictures & Human body parts as 3d models by Acumen Labware .Chemistry Lab Equipment are a vital part of any school's Science Curriculum. Chemistry Lab Equipments are also well known for creating an interest of students in the science subjects.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot Air Oven and Incubator Bacteriological

Hot Air Oven , Muffle Furnace, Incubator Bacteriological, Test Sieves India MANUFACTURERS SUPPLIER & EXPORTERS, FOR SALE IN INDIA. When looking for high end affordable pricing for Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven and Incubator Bacteriological the most trust worthy name which appears is Acumen Labware. These three products i.e Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven and Incubator Bacteriological have a lot in common when coming to the quality e.g the stainless steel used in the making and the high end heating elements.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic labware Suppliers Plastic labware manufacturers India

About Plastic labware:
The inception of plastic labware began by acumen labware in India. Since then it hasn't looked behind in producing Plastic Labware. High Quality Plastic Labware has always been the domain of acumen labware. These days Plastic Labware has become the most essential part of any laboratory.
For having an Insight view on the products, Please click the links below: 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plastic labware suppliers, Plastic lab supplies India

Science Plastic lab equipment products by Acumen Labware offer your laboratory a safer alternate without compromising the required efficacy. The bench-marks attained in manufacturing plastic laboratory equipments are truly visible through High Quality Plastic Labware products. Plastic labware suppliers, Plastic lab supplies in India are identified by the name of Acumen Labware. As these days good Plastic labware suppliers are hard to find so is the Plastic lab supplies company. The name developed by Acumen Labware as Plastic labware suppliers & Plastic lab supplies is truly commendable.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


A fascinating and magnanimous range of  Laboratory Plasticware is developed by Acumen Labware and this is pertinent to the fact that these Laboratory Plasticware are of very high quality with unmatchable prices. Laboratory Plasticware provides a lighter and more durable alternative to the archaic practices of using laboratory glassware. Globally Acumen Labware has received various accolades as Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers, Manufacturers & Exporters.  Since the inception of Laboratory Plasticware industry Acumen Labware has played a vital role as Suppliers & Manufacturers Laboratory Plasticware in India.

A view of Laboratory Plasticware products can be had from the link below:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Electronics Training / Trainer Kits

Products made with diverse experience in the field of Technical Education Aids, Engineering & Electronics and Communication Science Educational Training Trainer Kits.

Precise Analog, Digital, Power Electronics Lab Trainers, Decade Boxes/Counter Training Kits, Engineering Science Educational Training Kits Supplies Suppliers Manufacturers & Exporters

Planetary Mixers

Acumen Labware has been making world class Lab Laboratory Spiral Mixers along with Horizontal Industrial Ribbon Mixers for Food Industry Cake, Bakery, Planetary Mixer Pizza dough flour mixers & equipments for use in restaurants. And has been reckoned as a leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Mixers in INDIA.

Double Planetary Cake Mixer uses gear box application for optimum energy transfer and low energy consumption at par with energy star rated appliances.

Plastic labware Supplies, Plastic labware manufacturers India

Acumen Labware has a vast range of plastic labware / laboratory plasticware.
The detailed description of products can be had from pages as mentioned below:

Science Plastic lab equipment products by Acumen Labware offer your laboratory a safer alternate without compromising the required efficacy. The bench-marks attained in manufacturing plastic laboratory equipments are truly visible through High Quality Plastic Labware products.

Acumen Labware has left an indelible mark in Plastic Laboratory, Lab Plasticware, Plastic beakers supplies and today are the most distinguished Plastic Labware Manufacturers & Exporters.

Acumen Labware has a wide range of plastic lab supplies ranging from small plastic coated magnetic bars, specimen tubes to plastic wash bottles and beakers ,with an assurance of providing high-quality, re-usable plasticware.

Acumen Labware has been in the Plastic Labware supplies in India since when Plastic laboratory apparatus, manufacturers & suppliers were at a nascent stage. Hence we have virtually sown the seed of plastic lab supplies in India.

From a tiny Plastic Labware manufacturer Acumen Labware has grown to be reckoned as the most vibrant Plastic laboratory equipment, plasticware Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India.