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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


DIGITAL POLARIMETER SUPPLIERS & DIGITAL POLARIMETER MANUFACTURERS in INDIA. Acumen Labware is a Supplier & Exporter of Digital Polarimeters to various research institutes and universities in India and across the globe.
Digital Polarimeters are instruments which measure the rotation of plane of polarization in certain optically active solids & liquids. In our Digital Polarimeters the degrees are read directly from the digital meter and the calibration is very simple with standard formulas.

                             "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                 DIGITAL POLARIMETERS
                                    ACUMEN LABWARE

Sunday, July 24, 2011


DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER SUPPLIERS DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA  is Acumen Labware. As a Supplier of DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER we have attained an iconic position because being also the manufacturer of DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER we have been able to keep the Lowest Prices without comprising on the Quality. DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER by Acumen Labware are used in the best laboratories around the Globe.

                                          "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                                  ACUMEN LABWARE

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A  Lot of work has been done by Acumen Labware in the feild of Educational Supplies. An overview of the wide range can be had from the under mentioned blogs:

SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT  : Giving an exact idea of the latest advancements and acievments in the feild of  School Educational Equipment.

SCIENCE LAB EQUIPMENT  : This page has an overall insight on the most recent developments and products in the field of  Science Lab Equipments.

SCHOOL LAB SUPPLIES : It showcases the most trivial needs & requirements in the school labs and hence covers each and every part of School Lab Supplies.

WATER & SOIL TESTING KITS : 5 Types of water & soil analysis kits have been described in here showing each and every testing parameter by the means of  Water & Soil Testing Kits .

PLASTIC LABWARE : Plastic labware supplies constitute of a very wider range of plastic labware consumables. Hence detailed description of every product can be had from this link Plastic Labware Supplies .

Monday, July 11, 2011


Suppliers of  Water & Soil Testing Kits in India & Manufacturers of  Water & Soil Testing Kits in India which is also globally renowned for High Quality Water & Soil Testing Kits is Acumen Labware. Water & Soil Testing Kits of five types are available with Acumen Labware depending upon the operation parameters.
The Water & Soil Testing Kits available with us are as follows:

a) 3 parameters      :  Salinity, conductivity, and temp.
b) 5 parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, and Temp.
c) 6 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO and TEMP.
d) 7 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO, TEMP & TURBIDITY.
e) 8 Parameters      :  PH, Conductivity, TDS, ORP, DO, TEMP, TURBIDITY, SALAINITY.

                                               "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                                                       ACUMEN LABWARE

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Industrious LABWARE SUPPLIES have always been appriciated by Acumen Labware. LABWARE SUPPLIES & SUPPLIERS as Acumen Labware is quite acclaimed of needs well versed & savant teams for the job. Labware Supplies by Acumen Labware consist of a very splendid range which are eminent because of the scientific educational equipment rectitude it has been carrying around from the past.

             "LOW COST-BEST QUALITY"
                    ACUMEN LABWARE

The Scientific sleight involved in the making of labware supplies is the only reason for appriciation of Acumen Labware.