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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Artificial Insemination Material for Hen

Artificial Insemination Material: Glass Cup Funnel
Artificial Insemination Material for Hen include Glass Rods for insertion of semen in hen, Glass Cup for semen collection of Rooster/cock or simply male chicken. Artificial Insemination Material for chicken breeding are supplied by us to various poultry breeding farms across the globe. This Artificial Insemination Material for Hen is a vital part of every breeding farm. These need to be taken an extra care because if any infectious/contaminated or multiple used tips are used for for Artificial Insemination in hen then there is a high risk of viral spread among the birds in breeding farms and this could even lead to destroying the whole batch of birds being raised. A very strict vigil must be kept while performing Artificial Insemination in Hen because it might be fatal for hen as well as financial sustainability of the breeding farm.
Artificial Insemination Materiel: Glass Rods/Tips