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Monday, August 27, 2012

Glass Adapters

Glass Adapters
Glass Adapters used in Science laboratory which are supplied across the schools world wide among other educational resources and equipment are manufactured & supplied in Bulk by Acumen Labware renowned as Glass Adapter Exporters. We have vindicated our name world wide as the most sought after  Glass Adapters  and scientific laboratory glassware suppliers. Hence it can be esatblished that  Glass Adapters  Manufacturing in chemical glassware equipment segment is an iconic vertical of Acumen Labware. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Chemistry Lab Supplies
Chemistry Lab Supplies, Chemistry Lab Glassware Products and a vast range of  Chemistry Lab Glass Supplies  by Acumen Labware have always been in high demand by our customer base distributed around the globe. A wide range of products consisiting of the most trivial but articulate enough to be critically used in chemistry lab experiments like clips, tubes, boss head, stand etc all come under a single roof of  Chemistry Lab Supplies 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Science Chemistry Lab Glass Supplies
Science Chemistry Lab Glass Supplies produced by Acumen Labware who are globally reckoned as radical School Lab Glass Suppliers & impeccable Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers & Exporters in India. Lab Glass Supplies by Acumen Labware are produced using the best in class borosilicate glass which has become a benchmark for creating Laboratory Glassware. Being a High Quality Lab Glass Supplier utmost care needs to be taken to produce the most precise Lab Glass Supplies which are used in various chemistry and research laboratories around the globe. An overwhelming acceptance globally as  Lab Glass Suppliers  has been the only motivating force for providing the high end Lab Glass Supplies by the company.