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Sunday, January 29, 2012


HUMAN SKELETON ANATOMY MODEL MANUFACTURER & HUMAN SKELETON ANATOMY MODEL SUPPLIERHUMAN SKELETON ANATOMY MODEL of average human dimensions is made by Acumen Labware. HUMAN SKELETON MODELS are specifically designed and produced for study and demonstration purposes.

Human Ear Model Manufacturer

Human Ear Anatomy Model Manufacturer & Human Ear Anatomy Model Supplier. The Human Ear Anatomy Model made by Acumen Labware is approximately enlarged 4 to 5 times from the normal human ear to have an insight view of the intricate functioning of Human Ear and simultanoeously making it easy to understand. The  Human Ear Anatomy Model   is erected on a wooden board and can be separated into two parts fro in-depth view. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Digital Conductivity Meter Manufacturer

Digital Conductivity Meters
As a Digital Conductivity Meter Manufacturer we have developed high quality  Digital Conductivity Meters . These Digital Conductivity Meters are used for precise analysis of water. These can be used to measure various properties such as Conductivity, TDS, Salinity of solutions. The resolution of Digital Conductivity Meter is 0.1 ┬ÁS/cm and 0.1 ppm respectively, in the lowest range.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER is an equipment which is used for inorganic chemical analysis to determine the presence of metal ions in group 1 and group 2. Acumen Labware is distinguished as a DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER MANUFACTURER for its assiduous efforts in the chemical analysis equipment. As a  DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER MANUFACTURER we have a lot of unseen responsibilities to develop the best product for higher research parameters.  DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER constitutes of a flame test which is controlled with the intensity of colour quantified flame by photoelectric circuitry.
The  FLAME PHOTOMETRY  products by Acumen Labware are truly appreciated world wide.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Fiber Optics Trainers
Fiber Optics is a field of electronics which deals with optical fiber communication. Fiber optics are basically fibers which are made of glass or in scientific terms silica. These fibers carry light signals through fiber optics from one end to the other end. These light signals constitute of data signals and hence the communication through fiber optics becomes very fast. These data signals in the form of light have no relation to electromagnetic waves and hence the data losses are minimized through this mode of communication. Fiber Optics Trainers are used to demonstrate the properties of fiber optics communication. These fiber optics trainers are made Acumen Labware for various practical training uses in the communication labs.