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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A  Lot of work has been done by Acumen Labware in the feild of Educational Supplies. An overview of the wide range can be had from the under mentioned blogs:

SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT  : Giving an exact idea of the latest advancements and acievments in the feild of  School Educational Equipment.

SCIENCE LAB EQUIPMENT  : This page has an overall insight on the most recent developments and products in the field of  Science Lab Equipments.

SCHOOL LAB SUPPLIES : It showcases the most trivial needs & requirements in the school labs and hence covers each and every part of School Lab Supplies.

WATER & SOIL TESTING KITS : 5 Types of water & soil analysis kits have been described in here showing each and every testing parameter by the means of  Water & Soil Testing Kits .

PLASTIC LABWARE : Plastic labware supplies constitute of a very wider range of plastic labware consumables. Hence detailed description of every product can be had from this link Plastic Labware Supplies .

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