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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Vertical Autoclaves
STERILIZATION EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER & STERILIZATION EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER i.e Acumen Labware has endeavored a revolution in this field by making niche products suitable for hospitals, industry, bio waste disposal and various other applications. Sterilization can be described as the process by which any form of microbial life such as bacteria, fungus and hazardous contamination is killed and eliminated.
 Horizontal Autoclaves
There are basically two forms of equipment which are used to achieve sterilization through heat these are Autoclaves and Hot Air OvensHot Air Ovens use dry heat as a medium for sterilization where as an Autoclave uses steam under high pressure to achieve sterilization. Hot Air Ovens & Autoclaves come in various models and sizes depending upon the application. Hot Air Ovens differ in sizes for different applications, where as Autoclaves also vary in characteristics such as Vertical Autoclaves & Horizontal Autoclaves depending upon the application.

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