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Friday, February 1, 2013

Acumen Labware

It has been a glorious journey for Acumen Labware from laying the foundations to building of a high yield Enterprise, from a back-of-beyond and a nascent unit of federal India to one of the most progressive and advanced enterprises in the country. From a non descriptive entity to a name that counts and commands attention ; from a taker to a giver ; and from a follower to a Trendsetter.
The transformation of Acumen Labware has been in the following verticals has been amazing.

1. Physics Labware.
2. Biology Labware.
3. Chemistry Labware.
4. Laboratory Plasticware.
5. Electronics Training Kits.
6. Microscopes & Accessories.
7. Pharmaceutical Equipment.
8. Hatchery Equipment.
9. Hot Air Ovens.
10.Horizontal Autoclaves.
11.Vertical Autoclaves.

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