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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lab Muffle Furnace

A lab muffle furnace is designed to heat the air inside its chamber and this is done by implementing the fundamentals of thermal convection and thermal radiation. This is done by exploiting heating properties of Nichrome (nickel-chromium) wires which in simple words are known as heating elements. The temperature regulation in a furnace highly dependent on the efficient working of digital electronic controller unit, although best results can only be obtained by applying PID controlled units, PID stands for proportional integral derivative controller. The lab muffle furnace generally does not have a seperate cooling system. Genrally a simple fan based exhaust system is installed and cooling is performed by this simple fan system supported by a chimney. The main use of this exhaust system is to extricate the toxic gases from the inner chamber which are during heating of the testing materiel / specimen inside the chamber. Hence the chamber gets sanitised of any toxic gases which may have evolved during the heating of materiel inside the lab muffle furnace.
Muffle furnacel

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