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Friday, March 2, 2012


A renowned Hatchery & Poultry Equipment manufacturer & Hatchery & Poultry Equipment supplier i.e acumen labware has amended the traditional ways of doing business in-turn enabling the ease and quality procurement scenario. Artificial Insemination products being supplied in hatcheries for hen are widely used in India as well as by the international breeders. Hen incubators and setters  by acumen labware have been in great demand because of the reliability and durability of the equipment. Miscellaneous & trivial items for various uses in hatcheries which prove to be of great help are also provided by us such as digital temperature meterstirilizer autoclaves , stirilizer hot air ovenspoultry vaccinator etc.
Please visit :Hatchery & Poultry Equipment by Acumen Labware.
and find great deals for your breeding farms.

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