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Friday, March 2, 2012


Horizontal Autoclaves

Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturer & Horizontal Autoclave Supplier i.e Acumen Labware has produced a wide range of Horizontal Autoclaves which are bigger in size than there counterpart vertical autoclaves. These  Horizontal Autoclaves also work on the same principal of sterilization by using heat and pressure. However designed for bigger workloads these are mainly used in hospitals. These  Horizontal Autoclaves are tested in accordance to the ASME code. Accordingly the Horizontal Autoclave must be tested 130% of the rated pressure. There isn't any need of designing small autoclaves with inside vacuum building phenomenon, but in the bigger Horizontal Autoclave it must be kept in mind, when the steam colds down it tends to build a vacuum inside the chamber. However at acumen labware we engineer the Horizontal Autoclaves for every possible flaw which might appear.

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